Why You Should Be Using VAS in Sierra Leone

VAS Competition is Heating Up

Though you like it or not, the cost advantage for telecom companies worldwide including Sierra Leone has vanished in thin air. Telecom business is becoming more modernized not only in terms of technology used but also with services rendered, thus the arise of value added services competition. This is mainly because of the evolution of latest devices such as digital switching, optical fibre and cellular radio. However, the sad part now is that traditional services value has been diminishing instantaneously and no longer sure if constant evolving of technology is friend or foe?

The competition is becoming so stiff with new competitors now growing in number relentlessly. The effect of this is that it is furtherly driving the margins down. More to that of what has been considered as the conventional services, it is through the competence and unparalleled abilities of the particular telecom companies, referring to the value added services, which are anticipated to contribute them with the necessary potential edge in this market. This also goes at the same time with the value and essentiality of customer relationships as well as understanding.

Value Added Services Revenue is Increasing

The revenue which has been generated even by big mobile service providers through VAS services is close and yet has been dominated by audio text services and SMS services. Other services such as email and mobile broadcasting also are joining the line. The astounding success of Apple’s App Store is an indication to where vas in telecom are heading today. It is obvious that if services / products are awesome, people who experience them right are more than fascinated to find for latest trends to their mobile experience even it will cost them high (point is: people have this willingness of paying for extra amount).

SMS Service is Still Remaining Successful

While we are yet to see any application which may go on to succeed like SMS did, the networks and devices are experiencing continuous development, thus enabling the growth of new offerings for the customers - right from productivity tools to games and other fun activities. VAS services Sierra Leone have this drive to keep revenues directly by using devices and networks that continuously undergoing development, thus enhancing performance in countless ways. This could strongly result to a better customer relati onship which later on leads to beneficial customer databases, hence ensuring persistent profits.

When it comes to VAS telecom arena, Sierra Leone is probably one of the best countries to be in as it has all the potentials for growth.