International Premiums offers comprehensive wholesale international voice services to many leading telecommunication companies in the Middle East, Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas as well as other locations around the world. We also provide tailored services to many large corporations who require lower-cost long-distance voice communication solutions. All of our Clients benefit from our 200 plus interconnections worldwide.

With more than 15 years of combined experience, market knowledge and successful business relations with all the major telecom operators/ wholesalers throughout the world, we will place you on a strong foothold on the voice wholesale market. Obtain the lowest prices on the wholesale of voice minute connectivity, with unmatched Quality of Service (QoS). Smart businesses who place a high volume of national and international calls between their offices or to communicate to their sales force on the road at great costs know that they can dramatically reduce their bills with alternative solutions. International Premiums provides businesses with many affordable voice communication solutions, based on the proper study of their needs, without the need to install special equipment or to change their existing telecom infrastructure.

International Premiums is also a leading Telemedia company that offers a comprehensive portfolio of innovative audiotext, micropayment and other telecommunication solutions including EXCLUSIVE International premium rate numbers, IVR platforms, SMS campaigns and Call Centers in many countries and several languages.

Our dynamic expert team is committed to providing the best services to meet customers’ needs and expectations.

At International Premiums, we pride ourselves on being a trustworthy and reliable business partner that offers the highest payouts, fastest payments and secured transfers. We help our customers develop their premium rate business easily and efficiently.

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    We offer you the highest payouts – when using our EXCLUSIVE ranges you will get the best payouts which allow you to increase your margins and profit.
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    We provide you a secured transfer – whether you are working with us on weekly, biweekly or monthly terms we grant you the most reliable and on time payment transfers.
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