IVR Hosting to diversify your business

If you are looking to diversify your business with international premium telephone numbers then it's time to find out more about the benefits of IVR hosting.

You have a customer base and you want to benefit from it then you need to host your IVR with us, you will get paid on a per minute basis everytime your customers call and listen to it.

With International Premiums, the Interactive Voice Response platform is a reliable service that can transform your client relationship and improve your revenue. This is your opportunity to increase your income earning potential and begin implementing the most innovative solution for your company

IVR hosting is a great solution to all your telecommunication needs and International Premiums can provide you with the best tools to enhance your service. With a comprehensive tool kit Interactive Voice Response includes classic elements such as audio playback, touchtone entry, multilingual speech recognition and outbound call routing. Our hosted IVR services will help you offer your customers a 24-hour service without any cost implications.

Through the production and management of hosting and recording, we seek to provide you the best way to enhance your services. Our IVR hosting platforms can be custom-configured for your enterprise's needs by our team.

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