Text messaging (SMS) is a worldwide increasing method of communication offering an unequaled direct outreach to potential customers. If you are looking for a powerful way to promote your core business, mobile text messaging services are proving to be a very successful for many companies.

As more people than ever in the world own mobile phones, this is an important tool to consider if you want to improve your business. International Premiums offer reliable and professional SMS text messaging service, our platform is designed to fit your marketing needs and it features:

  • 1
    Immediate or scheduled sending
    You have the option to send the SMS immediately or on a schedule of your choosing.
  • 2
    Screening of customers database against specific criteria
    Our platform enables you to send messages to the sub-groups you want by screening your customers against criteria of your choice (age, gender, social group, etc.).
  • 3
    Personalization through dynamic headers
    The headers (sender ID) can be tailored to increase the personalization of your message.
  • 4
    Embedded numbers
    The SMS content can include a phone number so that your recipient can easily respond to your message.
  • 5
    Access to real-time online data and statistics
    Our system allows you to keep up with the status of all the messages as they pass through the networks.

If you want to find out more about what our text messaging platform can do for you and your company contact International Premiums today. A qualified consultant will listen to your business needs and help you create a successful plan that will help encourage your company to grow.