Secrets of Success: Interactive Voice Response, Call Center and SMS Marketing


For a business to earn success, it should have an efficient marketing approach like sms marketing. It should also have a strong customer support through IVR and Call Center.

It is difficult for a business to rise without the right marketing strategy and an excellent customer support. It is true that the quality of the products or services of your company be prioritized. But aside from that, it is also important to incorporate a strong marketing approach like SMS marketing. As well as take care of your regular clients through Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and/or through a call center support to ensure your company success.

SMS Marketing

Like what has been said earlier, sms marketing is a strong marketing strategy that can deliver your business to its profit-based goals. It is undeniable that most of the people today own a mobile phone. Because of this, it is not difficult to promote your business to countries like Somalia, Sierra Leone and etc. as you can send promotional messages through SMS. This is way cheaper compared to the traditional ways of advertising.

IVR (Interactive Voice Response)

Aside from a marketing plan, it is also advisable that your business must have its own efficient customer support to cater the frequent questions of your customers. This is where the IVR or Interactive Voice Response comes into handy. It's a type of customer care that answers a lot of automated calls at the same time. It's especially designed to receive queries that are quite common and do not require a live operator. Then, forwarding more technical queries to operators.

Call Center Team

The best possible customer support that your company must have is a call center team. Small business owners have nothing to worry about in regards to implementing a live call center support in their customer service program. This is because there are companies that are ready to provide you with an affordable call center service.In this way, small businessmen like you can still have live operators to cater the queries of your clients. All in all, Interprems offers SMS marketing, IVR and Call Center services to big or small businessmen in Somalia, Sierra Leone, Guinea and almost all parts of the globe. Therefore, if you need any of the said services, then might as well get it from the one you can trust.