International Premiums Telemedia Services

If you are looking to generate an income from international premium numbers, offers a fully comprehensive telemedia service.

This leading telecommunications company offers a result proven portfolio of audio text services, micro payment and other innovative telecommunication solutions including Value Added Services.

A fully qualified and motivated team will offer you the necessary guidance to help you achieve the desired results with a tailor made Telemedia business plan for your company. With a recognized ability to provide a trustworthy and reliable service this esteemed company offer fast payments and secure transfers.

Whether you are a company or corporate content provider looking to diversify your business then these telemedia tools are a great way to enhance and diversify your income generating potential.

The fast application process will allow you to set up in no time. So what are you waiting for? Without the hassle of paying staff, line installation or line rental and the best call rates available this is a great way to generate an income and with you have the assurance that you will get paid reliably.

You will be able to monitor your success through an online control panel where you will be able to pull off revenue reports in real time.These telemedia tools are available in many countries such as Somalia, Guinea and Sierra Leone and made particularly to increase your business income.

At telemedia tools are available with worldwide accessibility and can be used to enhance your business and customer service response times. We recognize that not all our clients are the same and tailor payment to your requirements. Whether it’s weekly or monthly we can organize this for you.

Catering to the needs of a wide range of businesses can activate international premium numbers within 24 hours recognizing the importance of delivery a speedy service to its clients. Furthermore, the company can incorporate VAS services such as SMS, live call center facility and interactive voice response.

If you are looking to capitalize on the growing industry of premium rate numbers then it’s time to find out more about how telemedia services can transform your business. With the highest payouts the fastest payment process and transfers International Premiums offers a top rated service.

Contact a qualified consultant from now for more information and they will help you begin the simple application process.