What are Premium Rate Services?

Premium Rate Services is a telephone service from International Premiums. One of the functionalities of this service is that it provides recorded live conversation and information for callers. With this kind of service, callers are billed with a higher phone bill rate which is then divided between the network operator and the service provider.

Generally, this type of service were channeled through short messaging short codes and if not by special numbers chartered by network operators to PRS providers. There are various types of features that you may want to provide by means of Premium Rate Services

Premium rate services or (PRS) can be referred to as goods and services that you can acquire; and instead of paying it on cash-to-cash basis, the cost incurred is being charged to your phone bill. Whether you have a mobile phone or a landline, you can charge both the costs of your acquired goods and services through it, and this is applicable to both post-paid and pre-paid. You can pay your bill either through credit card or through regular monthly bill payment.

Some of the great features of Premium rate services include offering of information as well as entertainment. These can be accessed through mobile phones, landlines, Internet, fax, interactive digital TV, or an auto-dialer on a computer. Not only this rate services can be promoted in the Internet, print media (newspaper & magazines), television and radio, but they can be promoted directly as well to mobile handsets.

Furthermore, those services goes with the provided premium rate numbers. The cost of call made with this service is higher than the ordinary telephone calls. Also, always be aware that charges of calls from mobile phone are generally cost more.